Welcome to All India Institute of Medical Sciences Deoghar


Introduction (200 words)

The department educates undergraduate MBBS students regarding medications, their rational usage, properties of drugs using methods alternative to animal usage keeping in mind the animal welfare, trains, motivates and sensitizes them regarding being vigilant for safety of drugs and spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions (Pharmacovigilance) during their clinical postings. The department also intends to extend its duties to widen-up the rationalization of use of drugs by stakeholders with special emphasis on prescribers. The department actively promotes to conduct research, organize workshops and conferences relevant to human society.

Future plans- (100 words)

The department delivers the knowledge of Pharmacology discipline through interactive methods, using software(s) including Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), conducting Pharmacology Quizzes, Case Based, Problem Based and Self Directed Learning, Competency Based Medical Education and innovative assessment methods like multisource feedback, log book, reflective writing, Objective Structured Practical Examination and Structured Viva.