Welcome to All India Institute of Medical Sciences Deoghar


AIIMS Deoghar was established in 2019 under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna (PMSSY),as Phase VI project, MoHFW ,Govt of India, the foundation stone was laid on  25th May 2019 by our present Prime Minister Honourable Shri Narendra Modi on his visit to Jharkhand. Department of Biochemistry, AIIMS Deoghar started with the commissioning of preclinical & paraclinical departments by the Ministry of Health and family welfare of India under PMSSY,It continuously strives to encourage  state of an art facility for students and subjects seeking medical aid in a holistic manner. It plans to cater society in  three broad  categories, 

In  sincere & continuous commitment  to raise it  in level  apex institute in terms of teaching, research and patient care, these facts have to be emphasized  time and again, lest anybody forgets the goal.

Medical students as Learners:   From the concept of a teacher from being a “sage on stage to academician on bench side”, we have to inbuilt the spirit of upmanship and leadership quality in the students. First batch of 2019 have already begun their 3rd semester classes.Department of Biochemistry has conducted lectures on  Molecular Biology,Immunology,Metabolism of carbohydrate proteins, lipids and nucleotides,Enzymology,Vitamin and Minerals,Xenobiotics,RBC and Blood disorders, Biological oxidation,Extra cellular matrix ,Signal Transduction,Endocrinology,Oncogenes,Recombinant DNA Technology, Gout ,Obesity, Metabolic syndrome & other major Metabolic disorders and chemistries of biomolecules .Demonstrations and practicals were conducted by faculty and residents. Linker cases was also be discussed. Problem based learning ,SDL.SGT ,Vertical and horizontal Integrated teaching  ,Unconventional teaching learning classes, will now be prioritized here  as per the standard set for Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) as laid in Competency based medical education. We encourage them for enrolment of National scholarship program, ICMR STS , RSKV CSIR Projects and to present their work in scientific gatherings.

Our priority is patient care, we are working equally towards benefit of both tribal & non tribal society , minimizing and striving for obliteration of the disease burden in this geographical terrain. The very essence of developing AIIMS like institute in the country is to correct the imbalances in availability of affordable /reliable tertiary healthcare services as exists across the  country  and as   various data reveal the sloppy story of healthcare facility in Jharkhand and surrounding watershed area of whole of eastern India –Hence  we are bound to impart best services in a step wise, graded  fashion. OPD Laboratory services are in the pipeline. We would soon be having automated laboratory services and quality, fast reporting of samples to get maximally benefitted from their treatment here.

Research platform has been set and we have taken few initiatives and proposals are being submitted to various funding agencies in India and abroad. Biochemistry, being a basic science subject , it cuts across the boundaries of all Medical subjects/branches and  has a very  wide field for research and collaborative work. We work hard to fulfil the ethos and spirit for establishing it excel in academic & research activities. This includes immunology, Molecular Biology Array studies, cloning Karyotyping, Proteomics, Flow chemistry, Cell studies, Metabolomics & Inborn errors detection by LC MS, MS Metal Toxicity studies,Flourosis prevalence study , endemic surveillance studies, Hemogloginopathies and inherited blood dyscrasis and eliciting Signalling pathways. We strive to employ all advanced techniques and collab.work with best research institutes across the globe to achieve the gold standard.

Future Plan: Establishing the proteomic and genomic Lab for detection and evaluation of  genetic & endemic diseases prevalent in the plateau. Evaluation by bioinformatic science.Tracing & mapping and linkage studies, Open & seeking  for collaborations with universities ,research institutes,Writing proposals for Grants from national & international funding agencies NGOs and medical schools.