Welcome to All India Institute of Medical Sciences Deoghar

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery was established a year later in 2020 following inception of the institute with Prof. Satya Ranjan Patra as its first Head of the Department. The department inspires to develop an entity of excellence in medical education, research and in providing state of the art health care to the patients. Department has already started outpatient service at Community Health Centre (CHC), Devipur according to the monthly roster.

The services of the department are expected to benefit and strengthen the health care in Jharkhand as well as in the neighbouring states of Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha. During the present time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the department is well-prepared to give its maximum contribution to the COVID-19 taskforce of the institute.

Future plans-

Along with inauguration of the AIIMS, Devipur Campus, department is going to start outpatient services along with the minor surgical day care procedures. Very soon the inpatient services will be commenced. The department in near future aims to provide state of the art minimal access surgeries, endoscopic procedures as well as trauma services along with outpatient and emergency services. Through the further course of the development, the department will start post- graduation course.