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Anatomy is only department in medical science where dead teaches living.

Our vision

To provide comprehensive knowledge to the students, of the gross & microscopic structure & development of human body to provide a basis for understanding the clinical correlation of structures involved. and to provide knowledge of anatomical basis for the disease presentation.

Introduction about Department

The Department of Anatomy is presently located in Ground and First floor of the Academic Block, PTI Campus Jasidh Deoghar. The MBBS course was started from 16th  September, 2019 with 50 students. Currently six faculty members(1 Associate professor ,5 Assistant professor) have joined the department including 1 Senior Resident.In this temporary campus department has a dissection hall with embalming area,histology laboratory with preparation area and Demonstration classroom.The dissection hall has dissection tables, human skeleton models andstorage tank.Cadavers embalming is done for the study of human Anatomy and very soon we will start it for general public also. The histology laboratory is furnished with 60 binocular microscopes to study microscopic Anatomy. The Museum is under developmental stage and very soon it will be furnished with enough models, charts and dissected body parts. Lecture hall has an overhead projector, desktop visualizer and interactive white board used for lectures, demonstrations, tutorials & seminars. The research laboratory will be furnished with different kinds of microtome, incubators and ovens once required infrastructure is provided in new campus at Devipur, Deoghar.

Introduction about Department

  • Regular classes and seminar/demonstrations are being held for Undergraduate.
  • Regular class tests and quiz are being held for Undergraduate.
  • Workshops and journal club are conducted by the department from time to time
  • Preparation of Departmental MCQ bank.

Introduction about Department

  • Setting of Anatomy skill lab.
  • Setting of Digital Histology Laboratory with workstations for 100 students.
  • Establishment of Genetic Laboratory for diagnostic & research purposes.
  • Setting of Museum and other laboratories of the department. 
  • To start “Hands on cadavers’ dissection workshop in collaboration with clinical departments.
  • Body donation process will be initiated. 
  • Introducing software-based teaching methods in Anatomy.
  • Introducing virtual classroom teaching.
  • Faculty members,senior resident and students were engaged in research in various areas of gross anatomy, neurosciences, embryology, and genetics and presenting their work in National and International meets and conferences

Dissection Hall  
Dissection Hall

Histology Lab 
Human Skeleton