Welcome to All India Institute of Medical Sciences Deoghar


Department of Microbiology, AIIMS, Deoghar is dedicated for teaching for undergraduate & post graduate medical students, laboratory investigations and research activities. This department is currently organising classes for MBBS students according to competency-based curriculum with a purpose of making well competent Indian Medical Graduates. Classes are taken by well qualified faculty members. Our faculty members are always trying to make lectures more informative and interactive by including case based problem and by asking question verbally or with the help of digital platform. Students are promoted to ask questions in class.

Currently, this department is equipped with True Nat covid-19 testing facility and completed more than 600 tests in previous three months. This facility is verily needed in current situation and proving for making safe environment inside campus.

Three extramural projects are proposed and waiting for approval from concerned authority.

Future plans

Because AIIMS, Deoghar is in its beginning phase so there are much more needed to do. Initiatives have been taken to improve all the wings like teaching, laboratory and research. Following are our future plans:

  1. To organise practical classes in the 1st week of August and to organise horizontal and vertical integration classes.
  2. To establish bacteriology lab within 3 months. Required materials are ordered.
  3. To establish molecular lab within 3-4 months. We have received most of the required materials, some others are ordered.
  4. do various research activities with collaboration of other departments